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"Liu Yilin Phenomenon"
Bringing Original Oriental Art to the world

Liu Yilin is a very talented artist. Although he has not received any education in science classes, he is able to create refreshing works of art. 


As a contemporary artist, Liu Yilin has made extraordinary achievements in sculpture, painting, and poetry. During more than ten years of retreat and mountain retreat, he has created more than 6,000 sculptures, 12,000 pen drawing, and 1600 oil paintings. 

 His works, the combination of ethereal and reality, abstract and concrete support, combine the traditional cultural and artistic features of both East and West. It is refreshing, inspiring people and generating strong visual impact. In 2016, his sculptures, oil paintings and pen drawings received great acclaim during the tour of the south of France. At the 23rd Los Angeles Art Fair in January 2018, Liu Yilin was the front artist for the Chinese national exhibition area. His works once again attracted global attention.

Liu Yilin is a very talented artist. Although he has not received any education in science classes, he is able to create refreshing works of art.

Mr Dao Zi has been teaching at Tsinghua University based in Beijing for nearly 20 years. He was very surprised that Liu Yilin's artistic ability was not from the Academy of Fine Arts. Dao Zi pointed out at a recent seminar of Liu Yilin's art works that Liu provides an opposite perspective - Chinese art education is problematic. Chinese art Academic graduated nearly 500,000 arts students each year. After four years, six years, eight years, and ten years, it's hard to be a great artist. Why?

First, traditionally, China did not divide the arts so finely. In ancient times, the literati's art was poetry, calligraphy and painting. Now it is called interdisciplinary. When we look at the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, everyone in the famous masters were first taught, of the four-dimensional relationship between man and the heavens and earth, and that the god of nature and heaven and earth is transparent. This point guarantees that they are wisdom, natural, and human, and they are flawless and transparent. They are also the reality of understanding, that is, the Dao is true, and it lays the truth about human expression and representation of form. To understand Liu Yilin's art, I think first of all, from such a perspective is to interpret it from the philosophy of art.
Second, from the artistic principles, we can see that there is an abstraction in Liu Yilin's works. The “image” it draws is the righteousness in the Eastern world, or he is a kind of original restoration. For example, we see his pen drawing which are elemental and biological. The Daoism said: “one grown two, two generate three, and the three can derivative all things” It’s an incredible amount of work. It's a core at the point of the “image” of restores the origin of life. Compared to the abstract of the western art history, Liu Yilin’s artistic language is completely different and it's truly oriental.

What we also need to notice is the "line" in Liu Yilin’s art works. The line is the movement and the element, therefore Liu Yilin’s art” line” is extremely unique and balanced. From his works, we can interpret that there is a principle of Liu Yilin’s art - whether it is sculpture, painting or pen drawings. It all expresses a realm of "harmony" and has achieved a kind of fusion for Daoism and morality. As we all know, France is the hometown of modern art, the birthplace of modern philosophy, and the birthplace of aesthetics. Is France warmly receiving the works of Liu Yilin because it has subverted some models of public sculpture? Many of the original public sculptures were commemorative, such as martyrs, saints, etc. But Liu Yilin's sculpture is joyful and expresses the freedom and the harmony of life. 

After the Second World War, nihilism became the mainstream of western culture and art. For example, the works of masters such as Duchamp provide nothingness. It’s not the same as Chinese contemporary art. We need to reshape the spiritual characteristics of an era. What should China export to the world culture? It shouldn't be nothingness or an anxiety about modernity. What China should export is a way to transcend wisdom and to reconstruct the relationship between heaven and earth. It is an oriental wisdom. Therefore Liu Yilin reconstructed the relationship between heaven and earth gods through art. This is totally different from the western art system of “input information. It's not that China does not have great artists. What we lack is a capability, a capacity for reconstruction, and a reinterpretation of our ability. Our lack of this is precisely reflected in Liu Yilin's art according to Professor Dao Zi. 

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