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About Art Times

Art Times features original art of the highest quality from eastern artists, which are bound to add value to even a complete art collection.

Welcome to Art Times the 21st Century Platform promoting China and Africa’s top artists and their Art. Understanding art is watching it, feeling it, talking to it, loving it and befriending it. Some of our featured art has been described as “the Essence of Light; Spirited and Free; and the Foundation of Abstract”. Art Times features original art of the highest quality from esteem artists, which are bound to add value to even a complete art collection.

Central to our Platform featuring China’s premier Artist Liu Yilin whose work has been compared to Picasso's. His sculpture is said to comprise the natural and the spirit, non-utilitarian, harmony and sophistication. Liu Yilin is a natural Artist whose work and phenomenal talent was inspired by Zen. All his art are crafted by hand including the impossibility of many of his designs in his workshop. His sculptures are magnificent and they ooze architecture and nature of the past, presence and eternity. They are confidence, optimism, sunshine, and vibrancy, with unspeakable beauty. And they trigger joy and emotions in the eyes of the beholders.

Art Times art spread Joy, Love, and Togetherness. Some of the art is breathtaking and bring light to the darkness in the routine of everyday culture. And although the artists are unique and renowned it is their work that is primary; the food of Love from the Creator transferred through the spirits and the eyes and hand of the artists – Phenomenal and Unique.

The speed of development across China is also reflected in Chinese art. It has catapulted artists and their artwork to the center of international art and culture. And these Chinese artists will undoubtedly play a significant role in international art culture of the 21st Century. Art Times Love art and giving and are very enthusiastic about what we do and how you feel about our clients’ art and sculptures. We are passionate about bringing the best in products and services to our customers in everything that we do. Help us to become better by always leaving a response.

Liu Yilin's collections
Liu Yilin is first a poet and writer who has published seven collections of poems including My Own King and Songs of Awe.
The total number of his poems exceeds the works of Pushkin, the great Russian poet. He also published a novel collection titled A Person’s Extremes, a prose collection,Six Epiphanies of Life, and travel notes, The Beauty of Traveling Afar etc. READ MORE  


Kou Zonge Collections 
Mr Kou Zonge is a well know painter in China. He is a vice president of the Chinese Collaborative Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and a member of the Chinese Artists Association.
The painter upholds concern and responsibility for the environment, and his paintings focus on the natural and humanistic ecology, showing tacit understanding between man and nature. READ MORE .


Ibrahim H Bamidele's  collections
Ibrahim H. Bamidele is a young comtemporary visual
artist; works majorly in photography and painting.
He was Born 13, February 1992 in Lagos state, hailed
from Osun state. He trained as an Apprentice at
Talents art kingdom, Lagos under the tutelage of
Oyebola Olayinka.  READ MORE  


Meng Niang

 holds a Master of Arts and Literature degree from Beijing University which she gained in 1990. She is also an Executive Editor at China National Writer Publishing House.She has been studying Dunhuang murals for many years Learn more...


Wu Chenrong

Wu Chenrong is a painter and art critic. He is also a member of Shanghai Artists Association and Shanghai Abstract Art. In 2014 he won the Shanghai International Collection Forum Art Innovation Award. Learn more...


Qinglu Liu

Was born in 1986, in ShanDong, China. He graduated from Capital Normal University and Academy of Fine Arts. QingLu Liu now lives and works in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). He created Penguin's Kingdom,  Learn more...

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